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Remember Our Lake Courtesy Code

  • Encourage personal watercraft to stay out 300 feet from shore
  • Observe state law to stay 100 feet from docks and boats
  • End personal fireworks by 10:30 pm
  • Restrict fireworks to the week of July 4th
  • Use only legal fireworks
  • Use phosphorous-free fertilizer on lawns
  • Observe Ordinance 54:  NO WAKE BEFORE 9:00 AM AND AFTER 5:00 PM

Board of Commissioners:

  • Lloyd Knope, Chairman 
  • John Abendroth, Secretary
  • Mary Claire Lueck, Treasurer
  • Dick Koeller   
  • Damian Drewek 
  • Brian Moesch, Town of Wescott - 715-526-9853, Ext: 2
  • Gary Tauchem, Shawano County Rep - 608-266-3097

Email Board

Emergencies: Dial 911

Non-emergencies/concerns - Shawano Sheriff 715-526-3111

DNR Warden Clark Delzer 920-764-0194

Get more info on the Clean Boats, Clean Waters program that Loon Lake participates in.

Clean Boats - Clean Waters

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